January 2019


Four killer titles from JACKHAMMER MUSIC now available for streaming and purchase on Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes, Amazon Music, YouTube, Pandora, and all other digital platforms. 
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- DEADLY WHISPERS "Brutal Therapy"
- HATE BEYOND "Ruthless Aggression" 
- HATE BEYOND "Verge of Death" + 2 bonus tracks
- FUTURE HATE "Potboiler"



Witches / Hate Beyond en concert
- 2019年3月21日 (木)   au Le Klub à Paris (Fr)
- 2019年3月22日 (金)   au Covent Garden Studios à Eragny (Fr)
- 2019年3月23日 (土)   au MCP Apache à Fontaine l'évèque (Be)